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    Private Members Club

    A haven in busy Yangon, beautiful surroundings, great home style cooking, a bar and much more.

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    Colonial Terrace

    Splendid garden view sat from the terrace while enjoying  afternoon refreshments

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    Overlooking Inya Lake

    No matter what time of day, you can always enjoy the view shared with colleagues and friends

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    Dine in Style

    Our formal dining room is an ideal place to impress and celebrate

Myanmar Business Network

Meeting with results

Welcome to the Myanmar Business Networking Centre

Thinking of starting a business in Myanmar? Do you want to open a permanent, temporary or virtual office in Yangon? Do you need contacts, information or just a friendly place to visit? MBN introduces like-minded local and expatriate business people to international visitors. Every second week in the month we organise a business seminar which includes an orientation trip, networking event and introductions. MBN is your partner in CSR, a percentage of profits of MBN business goes to further education for underprivileged children in Myanmar. Help us, help them. This is part of the Melissa Cosgrove Foundation work, which has been going on for the last 12 years in Myanmar and Thailand. Our private members club is a haven in busy Yangon, beautiful surroundings, great home style cooking, a bar, all in all this is the place to be.

We look forward to greeting you in Myanmar.